Intent Driven Testing

For Accelerated Innovation

Convert your to Gold

Works on your Platform

Learns from your existing tests, logs and usage

Make existing tests robust

And significantly extend their coverage

Easy to use

Enables manual testers to create robust automated tests

Start using TestGold in less than 2 minutes!

Fastest start in the Industry to Intelligent Automated Testing

Visually improve untested areas

Highlights product paths, their risks, and provides mitigation strategies


Time Saved in hours




Tests Healed



AI explores your app and generates tests with page object models for your apps, useful for automated and manual testers alike


Maintain your existing tests by using AI driven healing

Enhance Coverage

Keep increasing your test coverage to ensure Continuous Quality

About Us

We are a strong technical team comprised of multiple PhDs and Data Science experts. Our founders are established entrepreneurs who have successfully built several products to solve key customer problems. Our people come from top schools like Stanford, Princeton, Johns Hopkins, UT Austin, UC Berkeley, Harvey Mudd, etc. We are comprised of AI experts who are very passionate about solving the problems plaguing testing. We also happen to have several top level chess players in our team attesting to our problem solving capabilities!

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